About Aberdeen wedding photographer, Jamie Emerson

So, who are you and what's different about your photography?

Well, I'm Jamie Emerson, a documentary wedding photographer based in Aberdeen, covering Perth, Dundee, the Highlands and more or less all of Scotland! I am also happy to travel further afield and have photographed weddings from Tuscany to London via Newcastle and Edinburgh.

With over a decade of experience photographing weddings, you might not see very much of me on the day - in fact the less you see of me, the better a job I'm doing! I will be there though, anticipating and capturing all the little stories which fit together to tell the big story of your day. This almost photo-journalistic approach is blended with some very dramatically lit, exceptionally beautiful wedding day portraiture. All of this means my clients can expect the best of both worlds! Afterwards, every single photograph you receive gets individual attention - I genuinely do lavish tender care on each photo to make sure it's as good as it possibly can be. This sometimes means a little extra waiting time but it's always worth it.

Have you got any qualifications?

Yes - I do have a B.A.(Hons) in Photography and a few ‘A’ Levels in studio management and photography. Over and beyond qualifications, I am always learning. I make a point of networking with as many top quality wedding suppliers as I can, sometimes at semi-formal industry 'tweet-ups' such as those organised by Brides up North, top NE wedding Blog, sometimes working with other leading North East wedding photographers near and far, and sometimes just by getting together with other wedding professionals for an informal shoot and skill-swap.

I also believe very strongly that wedding photographers have a duty to themselves and their clients to invest time and money into their businesses. To this end, I have attended workshops with some of the world's best photographers. These events are never cheap, but always worth the investment.

So why should I choose Emerson Photography?

Good question - there's so much choice these days!

The pictures. No matter who you choose to shoot your wedding, just make sure that you LOVE the photographs - after all the fancy marketing talk, flashy websites and sales pitches, the images are what count. You can see some of my candid, documentary wedding photographs here. I've also put together a quick guide on choosing your wedding photographer which you can read HERE.

Experience is well worth looking for too. Over a decade of photographing glorious weddings in all kinds of weird and wonderful weather, in all sorts of venues all over the UK means I can adapt to pretty much anything that's thrown at me.

Consistency; being able to get beautiful photographs every single time, not just on a 'good day'. Having the technical know-how and a practiced eye for stories and detail are crucial too.

There are a few terms you'll hear a lot when looking for a wedding photographer; 'documentary','reportage', 'unobtrusive', 'photojounalistic', 'candid' etc. No-one describes themselves as 'traditional' any more - it's just not fashionable. My approach could best be described as 'hands off'. I just let the day unfold with the minimum of intervention whilst capturing everyone at their elegant best. If you need some group shots, I'll happily take them but you won't see me standing on a chair blowing a whistle and shouting (this stuff still goes on, believe me!).

Witnessing the buzz of excitement in a bride's house on the morning of her wedding; capturing the raw emotion on the faces of two people in love, standing at the altar; photographing families at a reception on the proudest day of their lives: all these are moments which make my job a genuine pleasure.

And what makes you tick?

Click HERE to read a full length feature interview on the Brides up North blog with Emerson Photography - if that doesn't answer all your questions, please do just GET IN TOUCH or call me on 07866127732, thanks!